Seaweed ashore


A NATURAL disaster in the making is how local government authorities and fisherfolk in east Trinidad are describing a thick blanket of seaweed that has carpeted over 20 miles of the East Trinidad coastline and beachfront.

"This is a real disaster in terms of the fishing industry because you can’t pull in your seine, because it only heavy with seaweed," Esook Ali, president of the Cedros Fishing Association said yesterday.

"You can’t go out to sea because the seaweed not only getting caught in the nets but in the engines as well,” Ali said adding, “this is a big problem and we don’t know what can be done to reduce the amount of seaweed coming ashore. It is not like a pipe where you can turn it off." 

Click here to read the full story which appeared in the Newsday on Thursday May 7th, 2015.


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